Custom made modifications for Airforce Condor Talon Gunpower Stealth SSS,Silencers(LDC's) shrouds and more...

Airgun Silencers Shrouds LDCs

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The Silencer(LDC) have 1/2"X 20 UNF and (1/2"X 28 UNF is Now available NEW) threads so they fit on all airgun barrel threads.
For 1.77, .20, .22 and .25 cal (we can make for bigger calibers up to 9mm upon request.)
It is very quiet and POI does not change whether you have the Silencer(LDC) on or off on your airgun.
It is made throughout from aluminium Solid desihn suitable for Rimfires also.
Inside it is perfectly fabricated to allow an even air flow in order to give perfect results, reduced noise and Stable POI.
We ship the Silencer(LDC) in two parts. We first ship the internal part of the Silencer(LDC) and in the second shipment we ship the outer tube of the Silencer(LDC) (to avoid complication).
The Silencer(LDC) makes your gun longer 20cm(7.87") and with a diameter 39mm(1.53").
The weight of the Shroud(LDC)is 250 grams.
Due to its High quality and solid Design it can handle any power.

 Special Price only US$130 including Free Worldwide shipping.

Thread Type
Thread Type

Airforce SS/TalonP/Gunpower Shadow/Stealth 1/2"X20 UNF End Cap Adapter
This is End cap 1/2"X20 UNF Adapter replaces your Factory stock end cap so you can fit any Silencer LDC on it.
It's for the 12" barrels suitable also for Talon P.

Price is US$35 including Free Worldwide shipping.

Converts 1/2-28 thread to 1/2-20 thread. Does not include a protector. 1/4" through hole 3/4" outside diameter 3/8" long outside threads Wrench flats 100% STEEL & HOT SALT BLUED.
This thread converter is very usefull if you have any silencers with 1/2"X20 UNF threads and you want to use them on your favourite rim-fire which usually the are threaded with 1/2"X28 UNF threads.
Product may be slightly different from picture.
Price is US$35 including Free Worldwide shipping.

Silencer Adapter.

British made, quality item to allow you to fit your favourite 1/2 UNF sound moderator

to your Airgun with a 16mm barrel(also available 15.75mm,15.5mm,15mm,11.05mm and 10mm).


This not only gives a better grip but can also be used to improve alignment of your silencer to your barrel.

Simply slide over barrel and secure with two grub screws for better grip and alignment. These are included together with Allen key.
Price US$35 including Free Worldwide shipping.

Adapter sizes in mm
Adapter sizes in mm
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